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In a business that knows no boundaries, CNI has indeed grown rapidly since its inception in 1986. Our success is the result of constant innovation by engaging in extensive researches, developing new products and improving our product range.

Consumers throughout the Asia-Pacific Region, Indian Sub-Continent, The Middle East, and the African continent are convinced that our products are good value for money. We are continuously developing flexible business ideas and quality products that meet the unique characteristics of the market.

A Tiny Seed,
An Ernomous Opportunity

CNI affords you the opportunity for wealth creation from our range of health products.

Be Well, Inside Out

CNI is well known for the development of quality, performance and exceptional value products. Our portfolio is categorised into Food & Beverage, Nutrition, Personal Care, Home Care, Skin Care and others.We’ve developed a portfolio of products that refuse to cut corners. Premium ingredients and tireless research ensure safe and natural wellness.

The Real Man Coffee

Active, Vibrant Energy

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